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The ghost of town: an incredible quest in reality

Can’t you imagine your life without adventures?

Our incredible project can not be compared with any quest on the planet. A ghost town is waiting for you: an incredible quest in reality!
Come and visit one of the most deserted places on the planet.
The CHERNOBYL QUEST invites the most courageous and inquisitive to the town, about which a lot of legends and rumors circulate, in which time has become frozen together with the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant!
This is an unique place, one of a kind.

How is our quest different from others?

Here you are not a simple tourist – you are a real stalker. You`ll have to forget about your natural habitat, something else will appear before you.
You`ll have to face one on one with the difficult tasks that we have prepared for you. If you want to overcome all obstacles and return in triumph, you will have to think carefully!
Think of the power of nature, which still heals wounds after a disaster and gradually takes the town for itself.
You have fallen into such a place and are forced to become part of it in order to go further: a sense of fear of the unknown takes hold of you, a strong desire to know what is around the bend and act gives you strength. And that is not all.
For all the participants of the quest – we have prepared a lot of surprises!

What will you take with you?

Doubts about the trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone disappeared?
Experience atomic tension and strong emotions!


But you will remember the ghost town: an incredible quest in reality – we guarantee!
We are absolutely sure of one thing: once you go through the quest and be sure to return to us, again and again!
It does`t matter whether a small or large team will be gather. We can offer a large location, which will definitely add adrenaline to the blood.
To plunge into the world of adventure, you need to book a quest in the ghost- town is now!

Hurry up, because the time on our radioactive timer is running out, it will help you save a lot, and after that we will schedule a fee in a secret place …