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The adventure in Chernobyl – don`t miss the opportunity

Can you imagine that in the center of a civilized and developed Europe, there is a large unpopulated area by people?
And people will not be able to live there ever again. This is a dead city which leads horror and keeps many stories and speculations.
That`s where CHERNOBYL QUEST offers you to go and and commit the most incredible and unthinkable journey in your life.
You heard right, we will show all of Pripyat and take you to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
Do not miss the opportunity, adventures in Chernobyl are always in trend! Spend your weekend in the most dangerous place on the planet!

We understand your fear, but believe me – those who`ve already visited this place come back here again and again.
We are changing the mind and you also rethink your life values. Book a quest for the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone on our website now – get your ticket for a trip to the past.
The ghost town is just waiting for you; time stopped here on April 26, 1986. Since then, people have not lived here, and the next couple of thousand years no one can live in this area.
We will show you the country, what it was more than thirty years ago. The present architectural cemetery, a typical monument of socialism, which gradually disappears under the onslaught of the forces of nature.
Each picture you take in this area automatically becomes unique, because only the bravest can afford to overcome their fear and go to the Exclusion zone.

Don`t miss the opportunity – the adventure in Chernobyl are waiting!
Our most experienced guides, ubiquitous stalkers in the past, will reveal the secrets of the ghost town.
CHERNOBYL QUEST guarantees complete safety and radiological monitoring of every minute of being here.
All the required documents for legal stay in the forbidden area are ready, and the most importantly, we will make a permit for photos and video.
It is hard to imagine that 30 years ago, life was in full swing here, and it froze up after one of the greatest catastrophes in the history of mankind.
You`ll see with your own eyes the legendary sarcophagus of the nuclear power plant, which you’ve probably seen many times in photos and helicopter shots, but you don’t even imagine how huge it really is.
And the world famous Doug, Ferris wheel, Pripyat hotel, kindergarten and others that was shown in computer games and movies.

60 777 people arrived in Pripyat in 2018 and did not regret about it, each of them found and took away his own artifact.
Our stalkers know every centimeter of the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
What remains to be done for your most incredible and unforgettable journey in life?
It’s simple – book a quest right now on our website!
Specify the date and the number of courageous friends who you take with you. We in our turn, will appoint a collection in a secret place…

Hurry up! Don`t miss the opportunity – the adventure in Chernobyl begin! The zone knows that you will come and is already waiting for you!