How the series “Chernobyl” again revived interest in the tragedy

How the series “Chernobyl” again revived interest in the tragedy

Chernobyl What an awful sense in this word. The largest technological disaster of the twentieth century broke out almost a quarter century ago. Then there was everything – hope, despair, fruitless attempts to change something. And a terrible ending – a huge contaminated area, thousands of refugees and hundreds of irradiated. The Chernobyl tragedy is not forgotten. The powerful, intense, dramatic series “Chernobyl” again reminded us of how it was 23 years ago. A curious picture of those days, that horror, and that heroism looms through the artistic prism of cinema. Tragedy appears to us in a new light, gloomy and hopeless. Time to think about Chernobyl again.

Importance of the Chernobyl disaster

The accident in Pripyat played a huge role in world history. It turned out that an atom so hopefully obedient may not be peaceful at all, and bring destruction, disease, chaos. Before Chernobyl, it seemed that nuclear energy was completely safe and gave the powerful energy that pushes the entire industry. Then in 1986 overnight, a whole region came under attack. The radiation background has increased significantly both in the neighboring republics of Ukraine and in Europe. This meant illness and environmental disaster.
The world no longer felt safe. Indeed, hundreds of such nuclear power plants are scattered around the world, and each can become even more dangerous than Chernobyl. People realized that their lives depend on complex technology that can fail at any time. This gave an impetus to new research in the field of nuclear physics, since Chernobyl clearly showed all the destructive power of an atom that burst out.
After the disaster, countries began to sign agreements to limit the use of nuclear power plants. It was clear to everyone that mankind must find new ways of generating energy. This awareness required hundreds of human lives, a whole devastated area and a whole mutilated generation. Today the name “Chernobyl” stands as a warning to the presumptuous state, recalling how fragile our environment and our safety are.

Reflection of tragedy through the series

In 2019, the curious mini-series Chernobyl was released. The main interest in him is his American-British production. What can proud Yankees understand in Russian tragedy, how can they convey the grief of Soviet people? At the same time, the director of the film claims to be historical authenticity and factuality. Heroes of that era, a prosecutor and a simple worker, a firefighter and an ecologist, systematically appear in films.
The creators of the film managed to recreate the events quite accurately, despite the artistic assumptions. Even if there wasn’t a crowd in reality on the bridge (a catastrophe happened at night), let some heroes be collective in nature – all the same, tragedy and an ominous hopelessness clearly appear in the frame. Five episodes perfectly show how the tragedy developed, from a quiet, peaceful life in Pripyat to the trial of those who were found guilty.
The main asset of the film is its characters and atmosphere. At first, the background of the film is pretty nice, they draw a peaceful life for us citizens of the USSR. Then he changes to panic and complete flight from the horror that happened. Heroes are ordinary Soviet workers, officials who have experienced such a terrible test. They bribe with their humanity and simplicity, at the same time, sometimes demonstrating a strong character and iron will.
The film carries some propaganda note. Like, everything was bad in the USSR and the Russians themselves were to blame for their troubles. But among the cinematic cliches, an ominous silhouette of a nuclear catastrophe emerges when you no longer take into account the number of victims. The more you watch the film, the faster you realize – this is not a fateful combination of circumstances, this is the reckoning of people for the free treatment of the gifts of nature.

A new wave of interest in Chernobyl

The series received high marks from film critics. They found him tense, a little gloomy, but factually verified. Assumptions do not distort the general meaning, the characters behave like people, and the plot keeps them in suspense. It would seem that just another Hollywood fake for horror lovers, but what kind of response he found in the hearts of the audience. They started talking about Chernobyl again. After all, what was actually happening there is known only verbatim and from recollections. Many examples of courage or cowardice are simply forgotten.
After 23 years, Chernobyl raises many questions and disputes, which flared up with renewed vigor after the series. What mistakes were made, whether there was negligence, it would be possible to eliminate the accident faster – these are just the most sore subjects of discussion. The series showed that the heroes are not Superman or Batman, but ordinary Soviet workers and scientists who risked their lives to save citizens. Their actions carried enormous weight, and the fate of the whole country depended on their decisions.
In foreign forums, topics devoted to Chernobyl have appeared. This interest is caused by a misunderstanding of the significance of the Chernobyl tragedy. Well, something Russian exploded there, what’s the difference. Such neglect has already led to new tragedies in Japan, and may well come across in Europe.In Russia, the series caused mixed feelings of pain and solidarity. The fact that everyone should not forget about Chernobyl is understood. Nevertheless, the new generation is no longer interested in what was in the USSR. The series, albeit foreign, allowed them to open their eyes to the frightening power of modern technology, which brings not only prosperity, but also chaos.

The importance of historical memory through the series

It is necessary to discuss about Chernobyl and remind people how everything was. This catastrophe made it clear how fragile our world and our ecology are. The series makes you think about the importance of our decisions, actions, thoughts. After all, the fate of the whole world suddenly fell into the hands of ordinary Soviet citizens, who had not even thought yesterday about heroism and sacrifice.
Such historical accuracy as in the series “Chernobyl” gives a clear picture of that peaceful life, which suddenly grew into a terrible tragedy. Therefore, it must be watched and reviewed. Chernobyl is a warning. If humanity does not learn the lessons of Pripyat and Fukushima, the planet will one day be on the verge of destruction. So we must remember that feature films are based on historical facts. Watch and shake on the mustache.

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