Why the quest in Chernobyl is better than a tour

Why the quest in Chernobyl is better than the tour

The “Exclusion Zone” has long been a mystery that attracts more and more tourists. Abandoned buildings, ragged lives and the apocalyptic emptiness of gray streets – all this creates a certain atmosphere of mystery, which became the main reason for visiting Chernobyl.

Why choose a quest?

If your company likes to solve serious problems, and you would like to go on an adventure, then the quest in Chernobyl is what you need. Familiar excursions fade into the background when the organizers offer an exciting game. It can last several hours, or even a day, it all depends on the chosen program.

A live quest in Chernobyl is two in one:

the opportunity to have fun with friends, as well as get acquainted with the most exciting places of the “extinct city”. Having studied the history of each object of the restricted area, you will begin to look at what is happening in a completely different way.
Why the quest is better than the tour:
· Performing tasks, you develop thinking, logic and memory.
· During the game, a relaxed atmosphere is created that unites, which is relevant for the work team.
· Allows you to rally people and teach you to trust each other, which allows you to check the relationship of couples.
· Allows you to gather strength and overcome all difficulties in the game, and then project for life.
· Increase your knowledge of the tragedy. Knowing such nuances, humanity will no longer make such mistakes.
The game is organized so competently and all tasks are carried out in a chain, leading to a certain high end. The quest will cause a lot of positive emotions, once you will show off to your children and grandchildren that have visited Chernobyl.

Features of preparation

For this tour to prepare mentally and physically. Pick up closed clothing that is comfortable to move around. Consider the time of year, because you have to move along the street.
Since the tour to Chernobyl is in its own way a little risk. Then, with every tourist trip insurance is carried out. In this case, it is worth choosing cumulative life insurance – this is a great opportunity to take care of family and friends. But, as a rule, everything goes without a hitch. Instead of being bored in your city, it’s worth tickling your nerves; there is practically nobody in Chernobyl, wildlife. Gather your friends and go ahead with the quest, riddles are selected on occasion, puzzles make you rethink a lot.
The cost of the quest in Chernobyl, as a rule, implies the amount of insurance paid. Moreover, the team constantly monitors compliance with radiation safety standards. The quest can be fun and safe, because everything has been prepared for it in advance. At the same time, thrills and unforgettable adventures are guaranteed. The quest presents special places that have become a landmark of this city. Not a single trip goes without them. You can discuss your impressions with the participants. Share with your friends, and suddenly they will want to test their intellectual abilities in the quest in the abandoned zone.
Try something new in your life, plunge headlong into the riddles that the “ghost town” has prepared for you. Many houses were overgrown with bushes, faded portraits of Soviet leaders, abandoned items, a ferris wheel that had never been launched hang on the walls. Such an adventure will be informative. It’s worth seeing with your own eyes.

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