Get a discount on the extreme quest and your adrenaline rush!

Imagine this picture: civilized Europe, somewhere in London they are going to drink tea with biscuits, in Seville they are passionately dancing flamenco, in Italy they are preparing pizza with seafood, and in the very center of the Old World they are checking the dose of radiation received in the dead city with a dosimeter …
The ghost city, which is known throughout the world as the largest and most monstrous technological disaster in the history of mankind.

We are sure that you did not just visit this site – you made the right choice.
You will see a completely different world, from which frost runs down your back, and blood runs cold in your veins.
We warn you right away, this creepy place will make you afraid.
The company CHERNOBYL QUEST is engaged in extreme tourism in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
Think about it, such extreme tours to the most dangerous place on the planet do not trust anyone.

Our well-trained guides, in the past real stalkers, know for sure everything about this area and will be able to interest even the most sophisticated tourist.
Discover the rare, intriguing and truly impressive corners of the Chernobyl zone.
We guarantee your complete safety and radiological control of your stay, as well as the most unforgettable journey into the past, memories of which can never be erased from memory.
You should seriously prepare for this trip, because the Zone will definitely check all its guests for durability.

Hurry up! Book a tour on our website right now and get a discount on the extreme quest, because our radioactive timer is running out, and it will give you a 15% discount.
To complete the quest in the Chernobyl exclusion zone you will need: a strong team of brave and daring, which you take with you.

Attention! The more people who travel with you, the more profitable will be the most unforgettable journey through a dead city. For individual groups of 30 or more, an individual offer applies.
If you book a tour in 30 days, you will get a 20% discount on the extreme quest.
Get ready for the most fantastic quest in life – carefully study the advice of our stalker.
Your Instagram should be fully prepared for the tasks, so take care of the gadgets, take extra batteries.

Take a note: carefully study the infolist, think carefully – the Zone will not let you go … .. without a gift!
The zone accepts only the most courageous and fearless. Are you one of them?
What you need to do: set a date of arrival to us.
Attention! Now there is a promotion “Warm March” – get a discount on the extreme quest – 20%! Fill out a simple contact form and number of participants.

The most dangerous and sinister quest in your life begins! Welcome!

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