Extreme walk around the city, which is not!

We want to talk about a fantastic place, after visiting which consciousness changes forever.
You will find a lot of unknown and frightening. Here people experience such emotions that they did not know about.
The name of this place is known all over the world, and after its pronunciation, goosebumps go on. We are talking about Chernobyl, a dead city – a ghost. Yes, we were not mistaken! CHERNOBYL TIME offers an extreme walk in the city, which is not there! You will plunge into the atmosphere of the most frightening city in the world, about which there are incredible legends and myths, you can check where the truth is and where is the fiction.

Imagine, we give an opportunity to get to the place where the largest and most notorious catastrophe in the history of mankind occurred. Before your eyes appear the ruins of a socialist city, from which all the inhabitants fled in an instant and will never return there. Imagine a city in which people lived and worked, rested in parks and cafes, went for a drive on a Ferris wheel and were engaged in other activities, as they do now in your city.
Today it is empty. All Soviet-built buildings are gradually being destroyed, metal structures are rusting, and nature is taking away the city every day, turning it into a forest or steppe. A city in which the clock stopped on April 26, 1986 … Such a sight can be seen only in one place, and CHERNOBYL TIME is ready to give you the opportunity to take an extreme walk in the dead city.

What needs to be done so as not to miss your chance?

Book your travel dates on our website right now. Then fill out a simple contact form, indicate the number of people you take with you. Of course, if they are not afraid to come here …
You will tell your relatives and friends about this walk, and photographs taken in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone will become unique pictures that will remain a long memory.

We invite you to take part in a large location, which our guides, who were stalkers in the past, will talk about.
This extreme walk will give incredible emotions that will be impossible to erase from memory.
We guarantee the complete safety of our customers and the radiological control of every step. Believe me, not every company can be trusted with tours in the ChEZ – we can be trusted with confidence. Popular magazine Forbes called travel to Chernobyl and Pripyat the most original places to stay. In 2018, 60,777 people visited the Zone, and each of them took with them a valuable artifact, and why are you still not among them?

There are many untouched places left in Pripyat, and it is you who should become those stalkers who will discover something new, and we will certainly help you !. Hurry up to book a tour before our radioactivity timer starts counting the last minutes. For our part, we guarantee complete immersion in the world of the past. If you find an official tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat for a price lower than ours, or you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, we will refund 110% of the difference!

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