Excursions to Chernobyl

2019 was revolutionary for the film industry. The world has shaken from the HBO project “Chernobyl”. The history of the largest man-made disaster was the cause of controversy and discussion. The audience from abroad could not believe that the Soviet authorities allowed this accident, while our compatriots shook their heads with sadness.

It is difficult for the younger generation to explain the principles of the communist regime; however, Chernobyl is an excellent illustration for this.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been under the dome for many years. Every year, thousands of people visit the exclusion zone to see for themselves the place where not only the reactor broke out, but also the beginning of the end of the evil empire.

Finally, people realized that a candle in the corner of the screen and monuments in each city is not just. This is a memory, a reminder, a stigma, a shame of the regime.
History of Chernobyl

April 26, 1986 there was an accident that shook the world. The fourth power unit of Chernobyl was exploded. Thousands of firefighters, scientists, military, miners and other specialists fought the fire, while the inhabitants of Pripyat looked at the fire as a free performance. While people were admiring the pink-violet flame, the wind on them flew by its toxicity equal to 300 Hiroshima.

The Soviets did not want to disseminate information about the accident, so for the “comrades” they talked about a small malfunction at the station. And who knows, the people would leave the zone on April 27, if they had not sounded the alarm in Sweden.

The cloud of chemicals has covered most of Europe, especially the territory of modern Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

Simultaneously with the soldiers dying from chemical poisoning in Kiev, the authorities were preparing the city for May Day. It is difficult to imagine greater cynicism and indifference to his people than a parade during the atomic plague.

Hundreds of buses only a day later began to evacuate Pripyat. The authorities said this temporarily, turned out for decades. People took with them the most necessary things for a few days and the documents – they did not know that they would come to their dwelling for the last time.

Scientists said that it is necessary to remove all life in a radius of at least 150 kilometers. The government cleared 30. About 200,000 people were forced to leave home and start a new life.

After the evacuation of the inhabitants, the soldiers began to destroy all living things, but this turned out to be impossible.
Chernobyl today

The exclusion zone is now a monument of negligence, greed and a reminder of the consequences of the Soviet dictatorship. Now Chernobyl nuclear power plant is a sad sight, a reminder that people’s lives cost more than imaginary honor.

Radiation “ate” iron beams, coatings, signs even those years. In the basement of a local hospital, the costumes of local heroes, the first wave firefighters, are still kept.

Schools look like decorations to the horror film, and in the window you can see the famous Ferris wheel from the amusement park, which never managed to open.

Just a few years ago, experts cleared and checked routes that anyone, absolutely safely, can walk, but only with a guide.

At the entrance to the zone, there is a checkpoint where the dosimeter measures the radiation level inside a person, on his clothes, shoes and things with him.

Gradually, life is reborn. In Pripyat, they even opened a hotel and a cafe for guests of the exclusion zone.

Now in the cities – ghosts slowly appear people to work in the field of tourism.

The military guards the inviolability of the sarcophagus over the reactor, catching marauders, hunters, dishonest businessmen who want to bring something out of the zone.

In the pond near the station, huge catfish are growing and attracting more and more attention.

The flora and fauna of Chernobyl clearly illustrates the effects of chemical release: strange colors of plants, anomalies in animals.
Tourism in Chernobyl

It’s impossible to cross the forbidden border on your own, because it’s very dangerous. The radiation level in some places is critical and still exceeds the norm by 30 times.

However, today there are special companies that are happy to be fully acquainted with Chernobyl and Pripyat without consequences for your health.

For example, this is the https://chernobylquest.com/ service. This company organizes a high-quality, creative and secure quest tour of the exclusion zone.

Benefits of travel service:

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Directions and prices

For you are available:

  • Excursion to Pripyat ghost town
  • Excursion to Chernobyl
  • Tour to Chernobyl
  • Tours in Pripyat

For example: an excursion to Chernobyl from Kiev; the price of 5,000 UAH is a transfer, an interesting program and many pleasant bonuses for everyone.

However, you do not need to use the full package of services. For example, the option: “Chernobyl Excursion” price is lower than “Chernobyl Tour” (the price increases due to additional services and the duration of the event).

If you are interested in a separate trip to Pripyat or a trip to Chernobyl, the price will be transformed depending on the options selected.

For detailed explanations and help, please contact https://chernobylquest.com/. Our manager is always in touch to answer any questions.

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