What to see in Chernobyl?

A global catastrophe at one of the Chernobyl reactors occurred more than thirty years ago, but so far a huge number of people are interested in it. Chernobyl is one of the most mysterious places on the planet, which attracts both curious tourists and stalkers who organize independent and dangerous trips to the exclusion zone.
Official trips to Chernobyl are now being organized and the level of radiation is not dangerous for a person if the trip is planned correctly and you are under the care of an experienced guide. We will tell you about the most interesting, iconic and mystical places of Chernobyl, which you must see with your own eyes.

Chernobyl arc

The broad masses learned about the existence of the Chernobyl arc after the disaster. In Polesie forests, a small military town was located in which, according to rumors, “space reconnaissance” was carried out. In fact, this is a radar system, with the help of which it was planned to monitor the launches of intercontinental missiles and it was named ZRGLS. The height of the structure is approximately 165 meters, and it looks really monumental and at the same time gloomy.

Amusement park in Pripyat

One of Chernobyl’s business cards is the Pripyat amusement park with its infamous Ferris wheel. The park is located on the main square of Pripyat and there are significant infrastructure facilities of the former city of power engineers, such as the Culture House and the Polesie hotel, an overview of which is also included in the tourist programs. The amusement park recalls the peaceful and carefree life of citizens until the explosion of the fourth power unit reactor. Many tourists note that in this place there is a special powerful energy of Chernobyl.


Tourists can go to Chernobyl territory in special suits after observing radiation monitoring. It’s quite safe there and the radiation level is low. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant itself is only a couple of kilometers from the city of Pripyat. Tourists are shown only safe places in which you can be without harm to health. On the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant there is even a dining room where you can dine cheaply, since it is strictly forbidden to eat or bring food from the building on the street. It is very interesting to observe the station, which is still undergoing conservation work from the inside.

Cooling pond

Not far from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is a large pond, which was intended to cool the Chernobyl reactors. The depth of the pond is about twenty meters, the width is about two kilometers, and the length is eleven kilometers. They created a pond in the last century at the location of the old channel of the small river Pripyat and it was a truly grandiose construction.
The pond is exactly in the middle divided by a wide dam, which provided excellent water circulation. Now the station is mothballed and the Ukrainian authorities are solving the issue related to the drainage of the pond. The main attraction of the pond is the giant voracious catfish, which are abundant in it. The length of some individuals can reach more than 2-3 meters. Nobody catches fish, and it feels great in a pond, especially since curious tourists constantly feed it with bread from the bridge. Soma are not shy and gladly come to feast on.

Azure Pool in Pripyat

Another interesting object is the Azure pool, which is located in Pripyat. Before the terrible accident, competitions were held in it and both adults and the smallest townspeople were engaged in swimming. In general, there were three sports facilities in Pripyat, such as a swimming pool, a stadium and the Avangard sports complex.
The pool is in poor condition and apparently it does not last long. The staircase is cut, the roof is completely rotten and leaking, there are no windows for a long time, but this place is very interesting in its architecture. The peculiarity of the basin is that this amazing facility functioned for some time after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It operated until 1998. Twelve years after the terrible accident, he worked and staff was being served in it, who then worked on the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident and the conservation of the nuclear power plant.

Red Forest

The Red Forest is officially called the area of ​​about ten kilometers, which took on a large dose of radioactive dust during the explosion of a nuclear reactor back in 1986. The forest got its name because of the color of the trees that became so after absorbing a huge level of radiation. The most radioactive areas of the forest were demolished and buried in a special way in the waste cemetery.
It is located near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and over time the trees began to take on a bizarre shape. Curved, crooked, too bushy trees look very unusual. It is highly discouraged to visit the ginger forest on your own, as it still has areas with a huge level of radiation, and you can only look at it with an experienced guide who knowssafe places for health.

The secret factory of Jupiter in Pripyat

On the outskirts of the city of Pripyat there is an unusual object, which is surrounded by a high fence. According to the official version, Jupiter factory produced mechanisms for tape recorders and various small parts for equipment. But in most shops of the plant other products were produced, such as black boxes for aircraft and computers.
The size of the territory of the Jupiter plant is amazing. Here you can find workshops, office buildings, warehouses. Before the gaze of a tourist, a real stalker paradise opens. And also in the basement of the plant is the famous Jupiter’s sound box. This is an ordinary box made of metal, the radiation level from which reaches 150 millientgen per hour. The basement itself is more like a secret laboratory, which adds mystery to the Jupiter plant even more.

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