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Chernobyl Tour

There are a lot of places on the Earth that make your blood run cold and gives you shivers. Taking a Chernobyl tour from Kiev you will have an opportunity to visit the place where the largest industrial disaster in human history occurred. During your excursion to Chernobyl, you will be able to walk through the restricted areas and the ghost streets. The live-action quest will complement the excursion, giving you a lot of adrenaline and making you feel all the horror of this abandoned place. The price of excursion to Chernobyl is almost equal to the quest price, but it will give you other experience.


The first mention about Chernobyl dates back to 1193. During the Second World War, the town was severely destroyed, and the restoration works were started right after its end. In Soviet times, Chernobyl was no different from other villages. However, there was one peculiarity: in 1970, there was started the construction of nuclear power plant in 10 km away from the city.

Around the same time there was founded Pripyat, and later in 1977, Chernobyl was inhabited by 14 000 people. The city is preserved in the form it was before the tragedy. Tours to Pripyat are giving you a chance to see this nightmare.

There were colleges, schools, medical institutions, a House of Culture, a hotel and kindergartens. With the development of transport infrastructure, the city gradually turned into the regional center. There was a plan to build the largest nuclear power plant with 12 reactors with a capacity of 1000 MW. There were built only 4 reactors, and two more reactor were under construction. The people were dreaming, living, gave all their strength to their work, until the tragedy had happened…

Chernobyl Disaster

33 year have passed since the disaster, however, Chernobyl is still not very popular among tourists. Mostly here come thrill-seekers, who want to see the dead zone with their own eyes. Therefore, excursions to Pripyat are in high demand.

The Chernobyl disaster occurred 26 April 1986. There were two powerful explosions in the 4th power unit with a few minutes difference. The firefighters were not aware about the reason this fire had happened, so the first thing they did was extinguish it with water. That provoked a series of small explosions and the large amount of pollutant emission.

To stop the radiation spread, the reactor was filled in with 5 000 tons of sand, clay, boron and other elements.

You can buy a tour to Chernobyl at an ordinary travel company. However, we offer you a live-quest, so you can experience a fascinating trial in a place, where everything is filled with pain, horror, and tragedy. According to official figures, the catastrophe claimed the lives of 600 000 people. However, the number of people affected by radiation exceeds 10 000 000.

Ghost Town

Tours to Pripyat imply a trip to the ghost town, which is filled with an unusual atmosphere despite its completely desolation. It is a mixture of fear, loneliness, some kind of freedom, and tragedy. Unlike the neighboring villages, the town remains being the same it was before the disaster. Although, marauders repeatedly invaded the houses where residents lived.

Interesting Objects

An excursion to Pripyat will give you an opportunity to see abandoned places, where people made their plans for future, and the laugh of their children accompanied their days.

Duga OTH Radar System

Many “exclusion zone” enthusiasts buy a tour to Chernobyl from Kiev in order to visit the famous over-the-horizon (OTH) radar system. The structure of stately proportion with a height of 165 m keep you mesmerized with its beauty and scale. The radar station is situated on the territory of the former military town Chernobyl-2. This object was considered top-secret until the fall of Soviet Union.

Amusement Park

A Chernobyl tour will give you a chance to see one of the most scary places of Pripyat – the amusement park. It looks like at the certain moment the time was stopped here. A Ferris wheel, cars, carousels – all the attractions stopped working forever, as if it is in memory of tragic fate of those who once was walking here with their children.
Palace of Culture Energetic

An average price of excursion to Chernobyl is about 1 700 Ukrainian Hryvnias. Having booked a tour on our website, you could visit main places and walk through scary streets of Pripyat, and in addition take part in an exciting live-quest. During the game you would see a former Palace of Culture, where life was lived, music was played and fun discos were held.

Polissya Hotel

Almost every excursion to Pripyat includes visiting this facility. The hotel is situated in the city center, and after the accident, there were living liquidators of the consequences of the atomic catastrophe.

Red Forest

It is not enough to buy a tour to Chernobyl to feel the whole its atmosphere. The quest game can convey the spirit of tragedy at this ghost town as accurately as possible. The Red Forest is one of the main locations. After the explosion as a result of radionuclides exposure the local plant turned blood-red or ginger color. Dead trees were cut down and buried in special trenches.

Anti-missile System “Volhov”

A trip to Pripyat is not for the faint of heart, and our quest game is the choice of brave people, who are looking for adrenaline and are not afraid of taking risks. Anti-missile system “Volhov” is one of those hard to reach places. It is impossible to get here by car and it is accessible only by walking.

Pripyat Basement MsCH 126

Many tourists, who buy a tour to Chernobyl, avoid visiting this place. In one of the basement’s rooms, you can see the stored things of the first firefighters participated in extinguishing the fire in the fateful 1986.

Secret Factory Jupiter

An excursion to Chernobyl gives you a chance to see not only damaged objects, but also the secret places. The secret factory Jupiter is one of such places. During the Soviet era, there were produced computer parts and magnetic tapes on its territory. However, it is official information, and according to some data, this factory was used for production of details for space and military development. After the accident, the complex continued operating for about 10 years.

Tourism in Chernobyl is underdeveloped, so everything remains being as it was right after the disaster. A trip to Pripyat will give you a chance to see the whole horror of this tragedy, feel the cold in your soul, since this part suffered the most of the explosion. Taking an excursion to Pripyat you will not experience all the emotions. It would be much more interesting to go to the exclusion zone as a participant of a quest game, so you could became a part of this terrible and creepy place, and solve all its secrets by yourself.