Can I go to Chernobyl?

Is it possible to go to Chernobyl? Or in another, built by inexplicable natural phenomena, accidents and catastrophes, a ghost town.

An abandoned ghost town attracts stalkers like a magnet, despite the danger of staying.
Almost 33 years ago, residents of the youngest and most beautiful city of Pripyat then left their homes for 3-4 days, but it turned out – forever.

The Soviet government was in no hurry to report that the reactor of the nuclear power plant in Pripyat had exploded until it was discovered in Europe that the level of radiation was several times higher than the norm. Nature did not feel danger either: the gardens bloomed in an instant, it was hard to imagine what kind of threat hung over people. But the earth, trees, appliances, houses absorbed elements that cannot be washed away, and the period of their decay exceeds decades.

It was possible to stop the spread of invisible particles carrying death by closing the destroyed reactor with a sarcophagus.
And yet, is it possible to go to Chernobyl? This question is still of concern to many travelers.
In the exclusion zone, now there are “luminous areas”, collapsing buildings are in danger, high doses of equipment cemetery emit. Extreme lovers who travel in a roundabout way illegally risk their health very much.

What needs to be done first? How to make a trip and make it completely safe?

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CHERNOBYL QUEST organizes tours to the Exclusion Zone.
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  • safe visit to Pripyat

  • monitoring of compliance with radiation safety standards

  • walks through the ghost town

  • thrills and lasting impressions

Professional guides know non-dangerous trails and build routes in such a way that people can visit the most interesting sites, in the most remarkable places.
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  • for 1 day
  • for 2 days
  • for 5 days

During a tour of Pripyat, travelers are expected to die in silence.
Portraits of Soviet leaders still hang on some buildings, because on May 1, a parade was to take place.
But it’s not fate, because on April 27, when the reactor was burning, the level of radiation went through the roof, the children played on the street …
The booths on the high Ferris wheel, which they were solemnly planning to open for the holiday, had faded for a long time, and they didn’t even climb on them.

Can I go to Chernobyl?

You can only with CHERNOBYL QUEST and you need: you can’t forget the story!
The 30-kilometer exclusion zone is overgrown with trees and shrubs.
The Jupiter factory is of great interest to tourists. It worked for some time after the accident; what products it produced is still unknown. During the tour in the exclusion zone you can see the famous Red Forest, which has not turned green for 30 years. Graffiti made on deserted buildings evoke conflicting emotions among travelers. Houses, furniture covered with dust, abandoned things of residents, children’s toys, clock hands that stopped forever. A trip to the dead zone includes an excursion to the Duga radar station, which is located 5 km from the nuclear power plant and the first recorded radiation, the level of which is in the Red Forest exceeded a thousand x-rays per hour.
People do not live in Pripyat, and those who could not get used to the new place returned to Chernobyl.
In the old town near the destroyed and tumbled down houses there are well-groomed buildings, flowers planted in the courtyards, a service is being held in a church created 400 years ago.

It’s worth a look! Call now!

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