Book a quest and you are a stalker in Chernobyl

Each of us experienced the groundhog day again and again: monotonous work, which has no end and edge, and also the annoying bustle of the big city ..
Stop bored! We want to offer each of you a real emotional shake.
What will shock to the core!
What you see, you will never forget in your life.
This is not a simple quest, you will find yourself in the most intriguing place on Earth, which you saw only in documentaries or heard from eyewitnesses.

April 26, 1986 at 01:23 there was one of the biggest disasters in the history of mankind. As you may have guessed, we are talking about the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which is fraught with many legends and secrets.
It is for you right now that you have the opportunity to book a quest: you are stalkers in Chernobyl, in this amazing place that will forever remain in your memory.

CHERNOBYL QUEST company organizes trips to the Chernobyl zone.
Our experienced experienced guides know all the secret paths, the most forbidden paths, nothing was hidden from them in Pripyat.
You will get a chance to go through the most unforgettable and impressive quest in your life, and touch a real legend.
A completely different world awaits you, a completely different reality, from which blood runs cold. Just do not confuse with the usual tour of the Exclusion Zone!

This quest will destroy all stereotypes and test your strength.
The zone can host only the most daring and fearless stalkers, and you need to be prepared for everything.
The quest will change your mind and reveal the most secret secrets of one of the most dangerous places on the planet.
Get ready for the most unforgettable quest in life – carefully read the tips of our stalker!
It will be very difficult for one to survive in Pripyat, take care of who you take in your team. Book a quest in Chernobyl right now, because our radioactive timer will soon begin to count the last minutes, and it will help a lot to save.
Your Instagram should be fully prepared for tasks, worry about gadgets: take extra batteries.

What about physical fitness?
After all, fear will overcome you throughout the quest and make you run, run a lot.
And chop on your nose that the zone will not let you go without a gift! Think carefully about what you leave behind. And most importantly, carefully study the infolist.
Now is the time to take the first step towards the most amazing and unforgettable quest in life. To book a quest in Chernobyl, just indicate the date when it will be more convenient to devote yourself with friends to the Zone.
Fill out a simple form with contact details and the number of brave friends who are not afraid and will go to the Exclusion Zone as a friendly company.

Hurry up to book before your date is reached by another stalker …
Remember, at CHERNOBYL QUEST everything is official, legal and safe. We have issued all the permits for visiting the ChEZ, including the most interesting for you – permission to take photos and videos.
At your disposal will be transport services with air conditioning and DVD, an individual set of stalker, and gifts at the end of the quest, which we can not and will not be distributed …

Hurry up, because the zone is waiting for your team!

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