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It happened to you that everything seems to be OK, everything is excellent and you have chosen an extreme tour such that it’s just … Calm and you won’t tell. Noooo … .. Something is missing. The most trifles, but it is the same Trivia that makes your knees tremble and scream from an excess of adrenaline at the same time. It happened? I am an old stalker, traveled to many forbidden places. And I know that only absolute immersion gives that “peppercorn” for which adrenaline-dependent people like us are chasing. Therefore, I created the Quest on the territory of the Chernobyl Zone. You are not a tourist here.

You are not an observer. And not a guest. In the quest you are a stalker, a catcher, a hunter, a madman, an insider. The quest changes consciousness, destroys stereotypes and tests you for strength. You do not just look at the Zone. You will touch her, you will be left alone with her ghosts, you will feel in your own skin everything that has accumulated there over 30 years.

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I have been exploring the zone for over 10 years
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Participation in the team

  • Extreme day in the Chernobyl zone
  • Comfortable transport with air conditioning and DVD
  • Certified STALKERS (guides)
  • Radiological control of every step
  • Atomic emotions
  • New acquaintances
  • Individual Stalker Set
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Individual quest

  • Only your team
  • VIP transport with air conditioning and DVD
  • The zone is at your disposal from 1 to 5 days
  • All locations of the Chernobyl Zone are open
  • Access to Chernobyl
  • The most ardent STALKERS (guides)
  • Millionth dose of adrenaline
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Matvey, 28 years old

The coolest thing on this trip is diving. You are not on an excursion. Nearby there is no omniscient guide. You should know EVERYTHING about this place, its history, mores and dangers.

This tickles your nerves. At some stage of solving the task, you forget where you are, look for the answer, then you raise your eyes and shandarah even more – it is Chernobyl, and I HERE. The organizers forced us to plunge into this place, but it is worth a lot.
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Misha, 39 years old

I was born in Pripyat, and for me it is a place of childhood, and not a “exclusion zone.” But I liked the quest. This movement needs to be passed to everyone who loves adrenaline.

Moreover, you don’t have to go to the other end of the world for this. Everyone is talking about the atmosphere of the “Zone”, but you won’t understand this until you visit. In the same way with the quest – until you play at least once, you do not understand what the buzz is about. And the buzz is wild there. I recommend participating, as long as there is an opportunity, until the Zone is completely captured by forests.
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Vladislav, 25 years old

was in the Zone on excursions last year. It was awesome, there were enough memories for months. But the quest … it’s NOTHING. A completely different experience!

I had not participated in such projects before, and here everything had to be mastered in combat conditions. But that was cool. I don’t know where else you can pump yourself so powerfully: from muscles to convolutions. For emotions, impressions, atmosphere I put 100 out of 100 developers, the guys were able to create a cool project. In my opinion, it can be advised as an antidepressant))
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Maxim, 30 years old

I played quests both in Ukraine and in Europe. This is my passion. Therefore, I could not help but subscribe to Chernobyl, although there were doubts about the organization.

The first thing that struck me was the area itself. I have not been to the Zone before and no photos and videos will convey its atmosphere. Adrenaline scales, because with the locations the guys guessed clearly. There will be a second round, I’ll go too. By the way, the organization at the highest level doubted in vain. There are a couple of comments on assignments, it can be complicated, but in a strange monastery, as they say …)) text
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Katya, 27 years old

This quest was the most reckless birthday present to the most reckless friend. Let’s go compash (by the way, I advise everyone). For a long time, I personally doubted whether to go.

But curiosity won, and I almost regret it! Drive, adrenaline, team, fear, joy …. In short, a continuous stream of mixed wild feelings. We had an amazing time, this trip brought our guys closer even more. And although I tore off all my hands, completing the task, I would go again for sure! Thanks to the organizers for their patience for the girls and our fears))
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Dasha, 27 years old

I can’t stand such games, but the corporate party has a corporate party, I went)) It bribed me that the organizers had answers to all tricky questions, everything was prepared and organized “perfectly”, there was nothing to complain about.

The tasks themselves are quite complicated for those who did not understand the topic of the Chernobyl disaster meticulously, but managed to find a lot along the way. Well, and glory to Great Google. The Zone itself … It’s really “motor-like” there. And from this I wanted to quickly solve everything and wash off. But I learned and saw so much new … It’s a long time to digest information.
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Stalker_ZT, 27 years old

Of course, a real quester should scold the orgs for bloopers and lags, but you guys have nothing to troll, damn it. I was exhausted at the locations, breathed in nuclides, I’m happy, sleep, danke Sean for the race.

I definitely recommend it.
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Glory, 20 years

This is the coolest trip of this year! I love quests because you need to move your brains, show inventiveness, and stretch your legs. But the REAL quest in Chernobyl is a brain explosion.

We could only dream of that, playing in “Stalker”. It is clear that no one killed the “peaceful” and two-headed monsters, but you feel like in a game. Passed all the known locations, a bunch of unknowns, got lost once, made hundreds of photos and still completed all the tasks. Well, on the next quest, save a couple of two-headed monsters, shoot)))
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фото отзыв Эскурсия в чернобыль
Olesya, 26 years old

Initially, I wanted to go on an excursion to the Exclusion Zone, I did not like the idea of ​​the quest. I wanted to walk around, wander around, see, feel, and the format of the quest does not seem to have something like that.

But it was possible to feel it in the quest))) Who thinks that in the quest you see fewer places than on an excursion trip, this is not so. You see everything and even more. The village of Kopachi with its kindergarten and the ARC was struck. Not for the faint of heart these locations … Anyone who dares, 2 tips: listen to the organizers before the trip and take a charge or spare batteries for phones and cameras.
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PPC Dityatki Well, that’s it! Here you voluntarily refuse a peaceful safe life for the next 10 hours and enter into the unknown. The special services will check your documents, read out the rules of conduct on the territory of the Exclusion Zone and ... will relieve themselves of any responsibility for what will happen to you further there. Listen carefully, perhaps some of their words will come in handy in a couple of hours. On the way to Chernobyl, the city of legend, you will pass the river Uzh, the abandoned villages of Cherevatoye and Zalesye. Be careful - maybe already somewhere here the first task awaits you! Have to unravel.
Chernobyl The tension is growing - we are approaching Chernobyl. The whole world is afraid of this place, and you will have to plunge into it now. Do not relax!!! You challenged the Zone and the tests began, follow the notepad and solve all the puzzles of the stalker ...
ZGRLS "ARC" Are you okay? Is the pulse normal? Take a break before the second checkpoint. Just in case, check if the documents are in place after the first sortie.
Kopachi village It is unlikely that he will be able to go through this location calmly and not get gray hair. The history of this village is one of the worst. Only 4 km to the station - they had no chance. The whole village was buried under a thick layer of earth ...
Chernobyl NPP You are in the very heart of the dragon. Take a picture, do not yawn! Where else will you see such a large structure? Unfinished cooling towers - special facilities for cooling reactors No. 5 and 6 - are simply huge. By the way, did you have something for the fish? Maybe somewhere here another task awaits you from an old stalker? What is it about? Are you ready to dive into that day? To pass the quest, you have to come close to the exploding monster. Yes, that same Fourth Reactor will be in front of you. Think, why are you here? And where are the answers to the quests of the Old Quester?
Pripyat And here will be the most trash. Many are lost precisely in Pripyat. The extinct city, the ghost city, the city of Death - this is about him. Keep your brains in check - don't let the adrenaline confuse you on the next mission. It is here that you understand that all these creepy stories about mutants, legends about ghosts, mystical tales of tourists, this is ....


Our guides


Always trying to give all in on every round. He will answer all questions, tell interesting facts not only about the accident itself, but also about the residents, workers and animals of the exclusion zone ..

Ментор експедитор чернобыль

Someone will say that this is stupidity, it is dangerous. Vlad will say – this is cool. On his tour you will be able to experience the unique atmosphere of the place that will remain forever in 1986. The Chernobyl zone is considered a dangerous place full of pain and suffering, but it will prove to you that this is not so.

Ментор експедитор чернобыль

He is 22 and he is a guide in the exclusion zone. Work as a guide is primarily his hobby. After the first trip, the atmosphere of the zone struck him very much and did not let him go ..


He has been working in the exclusion zone for more than a year, and during this time he managed to study even the most remote corners of this place. She loves to immerse tourists in the atmosphere of the zone and show that not only the Ferris Wheel and the Energetik recreation center are worthy of attention there.


Likes to meet and communicate with different people. Especially with our foreign guests. While working with them, he gets unique communication skills, and in return – tells people about his house ..

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My team and I always take care of the children
Therefore, 3% of the cost of participation in QUEST go to the KRAB fund for helping children with cancer.
If you have the opportunity and desire to help too, then follow the link and do not be indifferent.



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